Monday, July 24, 2017

Mokosh Hyades Twilight tester

This Mokosh tester is really lovely! So comfortable and supportive.

The deets:
Mokosh Hyades Twilight
Fibre: merino 26%, cotton 67%, cashmere 7%
Weight: 320 g/m2

The animal fibres give it a friendly fuzziness but I didn't find it prickly which surprised me (though I didn't wear it against bare skin). It's a thicker wrap but very soft and easy to wrap with. Cozy and cuddly and not at all beastly. Solid with my toddler without feeling at all rigid or stiff. I haven't tried a wrap this comfy that was so supportive! The pattern rocks carries that show both sides :)

Honestly I didn't expect to love this wrap as the colours aren't what I would choose and I tend to find animal fibres prickly or itchy, but I really like wrapping with it and wish we had more time to play!

*This was written likely over a year ago, but apparently I never hit publish!

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