Monday, March 7, 2016

Back carry with pre-tied chest belt

Hilariously uneven tails. This was our first try on our own and second try at this carry, so oh well. But look, baby toes πŸ’—

I'm sure it has a more technical name than that but that's what the YouTube video is called so that's all I know. I have been lazy/chicken to wrap bug on my back. I wanted to have someone show me to get started, but when I did get help at a babywearing meetup they showed me double hammock which I found really tricky to start with. I didn't feel like I got as much hands-on help as I needed, and I was scared of her falling as we were on a bare concrete floor and no-one really spotted me. So once I got her up I was stressed, sweaty, a mess, and decided I was done with back carries for the day. And then didn't try again for a couple months (oops).

Our first back carry in a beautiful Kokoro wrap. I forgot to pull up the chest pass and no-one corrected me πŸ˜‚

We went to visit a local mama to try out her Pavo Fable wrap recently and she was kind enough to show me this back carry which starts on your front. I was much more comfortable starting bug on my front and scooting her around and this was much easier/quicker than double hammock. It's our new carry to master. Ok, fine, to get proficient at. Let's be real. 

I didn't play with Fable as much as I meant to (the mama was kind enough to loan it to us!) but I found it supportive and it really stayed in place. It's a fan favourite for a reason!

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