Friday, December 2, 2011

Got Craft?

Spool of Thread will have a fun DIY table again this year!

Got Craft is one of the best craft fairs in Vancouver, in my opinion, and I'm so sad to be missing it this year! I have to work this Sunday and can't get out of it.  Super bummer! These are the things I'd be most psyched about seeing/buying if I could go:

Bake Sale - I bought my mom a box of flower cupcakes last year and they were both beautiful and delicious!

The Beautiful Project - I love her (illustrated) cards and always buy a few. My favourite is the the one that says "You look beautiful today."

Dani Press - More awesome cards! These ones feature awesome photos with meaningful words. My favourite is probably one that says "Never give up on the idea of what your life could look like." Perfection.

Sadie Designs - Sarah is awesome. She makes these necklaces with geodes and puts little figures in them (among other lovely necklaces and earrings). Maybe you have to go and check them out to understand. They're completely unique and full of adventure and whimsy.

Thistle Town Studio - They make lumberjack animal stuffed animals!! Love them!! I first saw them at Collage Collage and wanted one sooo badly.

AND, of course, the swag bag! People line up early in hopes of getting one of these covet-worthy bags of goodies from the vendors! Layer up, grab a hot drink and camp out early if you're brave and if you get one of these babies it will be well worth it, I promise! Got Craft is this Sunday, December 4th from 10:00-5:00 at 2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver. For more info or the full list of vendors visit their website. And don't forget to buy me a present while you're there!

previous swag bag treasures

*photos from Got Craft website/blog


Sarah said...

Thank you, Stina! You've made me even more excited for this awesome event. :)

Stina G said...

Yay! Should be great!