Friday, September 16, 2011

Crane tattoo

The Crane Wife by theumbrella

Blue Cranes by Barbara Carter

These are two of the images that are really inspiring me in terms of my possible future tattoo. When my joint problems were at their worst and I was kind of freaking out, I thought that when I figured out what was going on and had it under control (I hoped) then I wanted to get a tattoo on the inside of my wrist of a flying crane. For me it would symbolize being free, living life, not letting things tie me down, restrict me, stop me from living the life I dream of...  that sort of thing :) It's freedom.
I am completely in love with the top illustration, I love the style. Unfortunately if it were to be a flying crane in that style I doubt it would fit on my wrist like I imagined. The bottom photo I love for the lines, the exquisite tail feathers and regal neck. Unfortunately I've realized that since the drugs I'm on kill my immune system and one of the drug sheets tells me specifically to avoid doing things where I might get cuts etc. (since I may not heal well) I guess this will have to wait, if I do decide to get it. Same goes for the ear piercing I've been wanting. Sigh.
Check out my Pinterest board for more crane and heron photos.

*images belong to the respective artists


ThisTinder said...

Love that first one! I bet if you just took out a tiny bit of the detail(like the amount of feathers maybe) it would fit!

Stina G said...

Thanks! Once I'm able to injure myself again I think I'm going to bring a few reference images, including that one, and see what the tattoo artist can come up with.