Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If you're going to San Fran-cisco...

Man, I have so much catch-up to do! I thought I'd do a little post on my trip with Ben to Portland & San Francisco. It mostly revolves around food.

Brittany and Jonathan treated us really well in Portland. They brought us to their friends' bar, North, which was pretty sweet and served us the most amazing blackberry mojitos. We went to a wicked little place for dinner (I believe it was the Mash Tun Brew Pub) where I had the BEST BEER EVER which was dark and kinda coffee/chocolaty but not too heavy. Ben and I wandered around downtown on our second day and had lunch at another brewery place, wish I could remember the name, and had a bunch of tasters, then met up with Britt and had more beer... then went to North with Jonathan (OK, so it's about food and booze). Then Ben drove Britt & I to DSW because I had to get my bargain shoe-shopping on: we got lost on the way and were there just before they closed but I managed to get a sexy pair of heels and a more sensible pair of heels. Britt told me that if I didn't get the sexy ones she would buy them and send them to my house, haha. I haven't really worn (or owned) heels in years because I felt too tall in them, but I recently tried a pair on and felt great in them, so I decided to take up heels again :) Then we went to Cartopia with Jonathan and had Whiffies deep fried pies. I love pie!

Then off to San Francisco! We stayed at the Crescent hotel near Union Square, which we'd booked on and got a good deal, and it was amazing! Our room, and the hotel in general, was SO beautiful!! We booked our hotel for our Seattle trip awhile ago the same way and got a great little place, we've had awesome luck! We went to Alcatraz and really enjoyed the audio tour, a lot more than we thought we would. We drove to San Jose to see the Winchester Mystery House, which we were a little disappointed by. We expected something creepier or crazier, I think. But maybe it was partly our guide: maybe someone else would make it more so. We had dinner at Chabaa Thai on Geary street twice, partly because I got sick and wanted some veggie noodle soup the second time. Apparently trips make me sick - I got sick in Paris too :( Anyhow, Chabaa was really yummy! The other night we ate at the Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery on Post street (both places were within blocks of Union Square & our hotel) and I had an AMAZING crepe with bananas, strawberries, sugar and cinnamon and really good vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmm. Tasted like more :) On the way back Ben wanted this photo taken because he took one just like it the first time he was in San Fran a few years ago:

Ben was really great and drove the whole way. The way to Portland was crappy with some torrential rain and fog and therefor no visibility whatsoever. And lots of traffic. Lots. On the way home from San Fran he wanted to drive along the Oregon coast which was SO MUCH nicer!! Quieter and calmer and totally gorgeous. I really appreciated him driving home as I was really sick and kind of useless. We stopped in some little town in Oregon whose name I can't currently remember and stayed in a Best Western which had a pretty good breakfast buffet in the morning! On the way back we stopped along the highway at some beach and walked around. It was beautiful. We'll definitely drive along there again and drive the whole thing! We had to go back to the I-5 at a certain point to make it home in time.

Anyhow, thank you Britt & J! Love you Ben! It was a great trip.

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