Sunday, November 18, 2012

Take me home AKA save my relationship

This ADORABLE wee thing is Dory Kalamazoo (yup!). She is a tiny siamese cat and about a year old. I fell in love with her instantly when I saw her photo online. We can have one more cat where we live right now (our last allowable pet here) but due to our adopted Maggie cat really coming out of her shell the recently (which is great! she's just a lot of cat haha) and a large vet bill for Josie's teeth which wiped out our emergency vet savings, we don't think it's a good time to add to the household. Or at least my sensible side and Ben don't think so. The mooshy, animal loving, tiny siamese adoring part of me wants to drive over to HomeFinders right now in the rain and take her home! I mean come on! How can you not? To make it even worse (for my weak self-restraint) she is reportedly a complete darling and ok with dogs and cats. The only catch is she has some allergies so needs a restricted diet (run of the mill in my household!). So please. Someone go adopt her, so I stop stalking her Petfinder profile, mooning over her and driving Ben crazy with "hypothetical" questions about getting another cat. I'm sure you won't regret it, she's a prize.

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Stina G said...

Eek, Blogger ate a comment! :(
Sydney from said:

Wow I can't believe how long ago your post was! (Thought someone would have adopted her right away)

I'm currently in the process of filling out an application for her right now and hoping to meet her and add her to the family!

Hopefully you won't have to keep stalking her profile on Petfinder for much longer!