Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Space

This is a peek into my "office," where I make jewelry (and many messes), write letters and listen to music really loud and sometimes sing along (quite often to Roxette but I've also been listening to Bon Iver, Ben Howard and First Aid Kit lately, among others). The room is filled with cat toys (it's Maggie's sanctuary with no dog access), vintage finds, bowls of beads and piles of stuff that I don't yet have shelving or storage for. The walls are a peachy pink and I have a comfy rocking chair waiting for the cushions to be recovered with some awesome thrifted fabric I found so that it can become my reading sanctuary!

The lighting is really bad up there right now so it's hard to get good photos. When there's more shelving and better lighting I'll take some new photos. I couldn't share photos of the surface of my desk as it's a DISASTER. Under everything I'm quite organized, but new supplies and projects always start to sprawl over everything. I always mean to be more organized, but it never lasts very long when it happens. I also have a tendency to forget about things when they're out of sight, which can be bad when I told someone I'd fix their bracelet then forget it exists, or something like that. I need an organization guru to come do an overhall, and then to check in on me and make me stick to it, haha.

Crafters, how do you work? Is your space clean and orderly, or do you have supplies and projects all over the place?


OnePerfectDay said...

It looks great!
A nice, cosy space to work in.

Stina G said...

Thanks, I love it up there! :)

April said...

I love your space! I'm trying to think of things to spice up my cubicle at work. haha Right now I just have a picture of my dog. 10 to 7 isn't so bad, but it's super depressing when everyone else but me and one other girl leave at 5. Luckily I only have a 20 minute commute! What do you do? Let's be friends! We can commiserate together. :)

Stina G said...

Oh no, being the last to leave sucks! I work at a natural pet supply store right now. I used to live super close but we bought a townhouse kind of in the burbs and now I commute... Other than that I make jewelry & sell vintage, but you knew that ;)