Saturday, May 12, 2012

Leaving Landsmeer

I have so many photos to share from Amsterdam, it's a bit overwhelming! Until I get a start on them you can check out my Instagram, I've been uploading a lot there! I'm _honeywild . I'd give you a link but I can't seem to get one on my tablet.

This photo is me sitting at the biggest and nicest Starbucks I think I've ever been in, at Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam.

We fly home tomorrow! It's been great but I'm ready to go home.



April said...

That's one thing about blogging that's I think is kind of daunting: whenever I take a trip I'm always unsure of which photos to post! Especially when I have lots of great ones. I try to break it up into days, or side trips that stood out. Can't wait to see your photos!!! I kind of had a dud tripmate when I went to Amsterdam and have a total of about 10 photos from 3 days there.

Anca said...

I can't wait for the Amsterdam pictures! I love Amsterdam :D

Stina G said...

April, what a bummer! I'm sorry. I'm already looking forward to going back one day with Ben, and dreaming of living there for a year or something. Maybe one day! :)

There are more coming Anca! I'm a bit disappointed that the way I'm uploading them it's only uploading quite a small image. If I ever get to it I may go back later and re-upload a few favourites properly so that they're bigger. For now I don't have the time so will do the rest from my tablet the way I have been so far.