Thursday, March 1, 2012

Look who came out of hiding!!

She is a purring machine and LOVES rubs and her brush! She pushes her face into her brush and goes on her tippy toes or stands up to get closer to rubs :)

Sorry the photos still aren't great, there wasn't enough light so I had to use the flash.


Harley said...

such a beautiful cat!

Anne said...

What a sweetie! She looks a bit like my parents' cats.

My 14 year old kitty just came out of hiding, too. He didn't like that we brought 2 new doggies home and refused to come out until just a couple days ago. He's lived with a dog just about his entire life, but I guess he'd gotten used to being without one.

Glad your sweetie is settling in!

Stina G said...

Hi Harley & Anne!
Thanks! I think she's beautiful :) Maggie's still hiding from the dogs but it's only been a few days - I'm hoping she gets more settled in in the coming weeks!