Sunday, June 12, 2011


I was getting lost in an image search for Fables while looking for something for my birthday post and thought I'd do a mini post to share a few with you. Not only does Fables have a great story which draws you in and won't let you go, but it also has some AMAZING art. I take a super long time to get through the books because when I come across images by James Jean (usually, sometimes it's something by someone else) I just stop and stare and get lost for a bit.

Isn't it beautiful? I wish there were posters of Fables art, I would cover my walls. This last one is the cover I saw in the SFU bookstore which immediatly drew me in. I didn't know anything but that the cover was gorgeous, there was a kiss and wolves and I had to have it! It just makes me swoon.

After reading this one I went back and started at the beginning. Now I have volume 14, Witches, just waiting for me to dive in and lose myself for awhile! I highly recommend this series if you like fairy tales, romance, war, art or good things.

[Fables and Fables art etc belongs to DC Comics, creator Bill Willingham, artist James Jean and any other artists or creators/owners, not myself, obvy!]

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