Friday, July 30, 2010

Bowen Summer Market

We were at the Bowen Summer Market last Saturday. I would usually let you know that beforehand, but it was pretty last-minute. It was pretty slow, but I hear it is busier on Sundays. We had a good time regardless: the people were nice, it was a gorgeous day and we had shelter from the sun. It was a pretty chill day! We'll be back there on Sunday, August 15th. My friend Janet is going that day as well: she has delicious essential oils from India as well as these amazing semi-precious stone necklaces she makes. She learned the knotting technique she uses in India. If you have nothing planned and are in the Vancouver area, you should come over! It's right at the ferry terminal on Bowen, and it's under $10 to walk on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay. My friend Carolyn came over for a few hours to check out the market and go for a hike and she said it was beautiful!
Here is what the booth looked like...

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